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The rising use of technology and automation has opened many options overseas for techies to work. The demand for software professionals is rising globally and their salary pay out is also increasing accordingly

A recent research says that the demand for software developers will grow by 31 per cent by 2026. We see this trend persisting because of the growing use of technology and automation to curate the best products for their customers.&nbsp

Although India is home for a lot of good software developers, when it comes to better opportunities, they tend to opt out and move for higher salaries. There is a huge pay gap globally in the IT industry. In a recent research by Yell Business, the UK ranks fifteenth in terms of web developer salaries when adjusted for the cost of living, with the average salary listed at £32,286 which is approximately 30 lakh. In Yell’s list of 25 nations only 13 countries — including South Africa, Greece and Ireland — had unadjusted average web developer salaries lower than in the UK.&nbsp

Here’s the salary offered by top 5 countries as per Yell Business’s report.&nbsp.

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